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General Chemistry (CH 101) Chapter 1

Sandra Watson
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Clemson University

General Chemistry (CH 101)

– Section 1.1
• matter- anything in the universe that has mass (m), and occupies space, and all
matter is made of particles.
• chemistry- is the study of matter and the changes that it undergoes
• molecule- is a collection of atoms held together by chemical bonds in a characteristic pattern and proportion
• states/phases of matter
– solid: the particles have an ordered structure
– liquid: particles are free to move past each other
– gas/vapor: the particles have the most freedom and completely fill their container
• phase changes-
– melting, freezing, vaporization, and condensation
• sublimation: transformation of a solid to a gas.
• deposition: transformation of a gas to a solid.
– Section 1.2
• energy- the ability to do work
• heat- the flow of energy due to a difference in temperature
• potential energy- the energy in an object due to its position or composition
• kinetic energy- the energy of motion
• law of conservation of energy- energy cannot be created nor destroyed



General Chemistry (CH 101) Chapter 1

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