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General Chemistry I (CHM-140) W324 Limiting Reagent Worksheet

Sandra Watson
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Bergen Community College

General Chemistry I (CHM-140)

Limiting Reagent Worksheet W 324
Everett Community College
Student Support Services Program
1) Write the balanced equation for the reaction that occurs when iron (II)
chloride is mixed with sodium phosphate forming iron (II) phosphate and
sodium chloride.
2) If 23 grams of iron (II) chloride reacts with 41 grams of sodium
phosphate, what is the limiting reagent? How much sodium chloride can
be formed?
3) How much of the excess reagent remains when this reaction has gone to
4) If 16.1 grams of sodium chloride are formed in the reaction, what is the
percent yield of this reaction?



General Chemistry I (CHM-140) W324 Limiting Reagent Worksheet

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