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General Physics (PHY 1420) Baylor Physics Lab Report

Sandra Watson
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Physics 1408 Lab Report 1

Baylor University

General Physics I (PHY 1420)

In this experiment, measurement and error analysis was studied by means of a
pendulum using a Bob and adjusting the string by which it hangs. By adjusting the length
of the string, we could record the Average T (sec) and Standard Deviation (sec) from the
GLX. The resultant ĝm = 4.18 +-.05 m/ s2 and the % error in ĝm=57%. These results
displayed that based on our recordings, our results we able to be compared to the
accepted value of 9.81 m/s2 .
Sample Calculations
1. Radius of Bob : ½ diameter of the bob = 2.523/2 cm
2. Pendulum Length = radius + distance from top of bob to fixed point =
1.2615+84.90 = 86.1615 cm
3. Slope of line of best fit = Y2-Y1/X2-X1 = ĝm = 4.81 m/s2
4. % Error in ĝm = |experimental value – accepted value| / accepted value x 100% =|
4.18-9.81| / 9.81 x 100% = 57%
The purpose of the experiment was to measure the Average Times of a pendulum
after manipulating the string length by given increments. After having completed all the
preliminary requirements (Vernier caliper, diameter of bob), we were able to use the
recordings to give us our radius of the bob and the entire pendulum length in centimeters.
We then used the resultant numbers and were able to solve for String length and
Pendulum length for the GLX to record at different length. The relationship between our
measurements and final results was that the both increase somewhat linearly (with two
opposite outliers). Based from the Pendulum length vs Period of pendulum squared
graph, it is concluded that the slope of the line of best fit is 4.18 s2/m which was indeed
the ĝm. From the ĝm, we were able to compute the % error in ĝm, which came out to be
57%. The independent variables (both were pendulum length) affected the dependent



General Physics (PHY 1420) Baylor Physics Lab Report

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