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Genetics For Nursing (NUR 4160) Testing - Practice Questions - CH16

John Marsh
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Genetic and Genomic Testing – Practice Questions – CH16

Nova Southeastern University

Genetics For Nursing Practice (NUR 4160)

Chapter 16: Genetic and Genomic Testing
Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
____ 1. How is cell-free DNA (cdDNA) testing being used clinically?
A. To determine a person’s risk for developing breast cancer
B. As an inexpensive alternative to standard paternity testing
C. As a less invasive way to determine the characteristics of cancer cells
D. As a way to determine whether a specific suspect has committed a rape
____ 2. Genetic testing that examines an asymptomatic person’s DNA sequence, looking for mutations that
increase a person’s susceptibility to a disease, is an example of which type of testing?
A. Diagnostic testing
B. Predispositional testing
C. Presymptomatic testing
D. Cytogenetic testing
____ 3. Which tissue is most likely to provide an adequate DNA sample for genetic testing?
A. Distal ends of hair shafts
B. Mature red blood cells
C. Nasal epithelial cells
D. A mummy’s tooth
____ 4. What type of genetic test provides information about an asymptomatic person’s risk for having a
child with a specific autosomal-recessive disorder in the future?
A. Carrier test
B. Diagnostic test
C. Newborn screening
D. Predictive test
____ 5. Under which condition can preimplantation genetic testing be performed?
A. During in vitro fertilization
B. Between 4 to 6 weeks’ gestation
C. When paternity is unknown
D. When an ultrasound indicates the fetus has a structural abnormality
____ 6. Genetic testing of an asymptomatic woman whose sister is positive for the mutation that is
responsible for an autosomal-dominant disorder that has a 70% penetrance rate would fall into which
testing category?
A. Diagnostic predisposition
B. Diagnostic presymptomatic
C. Predictive predisposition
D. Predictive presymptomatic
____ 7. Which type of genetic testing is the most sensitive method for detecting any mutation in a specific
A. Immunohistochemistry
B. Direct DNA sequencing
C. Banded chromosomal analysis
D. Fluorescence in situ hybridization



Genetics For Nursing (NUR 4160) Testing - Practice Questions - CH16

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