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Global Business Strategy (MGT 112) UCSD Quiz

Sandra Watson
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University of California San Diego

Global Business Strategy (MGT 112)

Quiz 4 Study Guide
1. Managers sometimes assume that what works in their home country will work just as well in
another part of the world. How well does that work?

2. How important is it to effectively adapt a value proposition for various international markets?

3. What is the globalization matrix used for?

4. In what types of companies are cultural blunders in advertising seen?

5. Name the 3 key principles a global brand architecture should satisfy.

6. What are core competencies?

7. What is a company’s value chain?

8. Deciding whether to produce a product in-house or outsource it is an important part of
globalizing the value chain. True or False?

9. Which modes of entry are also cooperative strategies?

10. What are the reasons for getting involved in a cooperative strategy?



Global Business Strategy (MGT 112) UCSD Quiz

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