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Healing Practices For Practical (PNH401) Nurse Case Study Example

Sandra Watson
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Nursing Care Plan Case Study Example for student sample

Geneva College

Healing practices for practical nurse (PNH401)

Nursing Care Plan Case Study
CHIEF COMPLAINT: “I’m passing black stool” and lightheadedness – 3 days.
HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: Mr. Murphy is a 45-year-old advertising executive who presents to the
emergency room complaining of the passage of black stools x 3 days and an associated lightheadedness. He also
relates that he cannot keep up with his usual schedule because of fatigability. Upon further questioning he states that
his stools are not only black, but are sticky and malodorous. He further complains of recent worsening of a chronic
epigastric burning which had been a problem off/on for years. He had doubled his usual dose of tums without
significant relief of the burning. He has 2-3 martinis at lunch and another cocktail before dinner. He takes NSAIDS
as needed for back pain and recently started on one aspirin per day for cardiac prophylaxis. He smokes two packs of
cigarettes per day and an occasional cigar. He was told of an ulcer in the distant past but had no specific evaluation
or treatment for same.



Healing Practices For Practical (PNH401) Nurse Case Study Example

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