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Health Assessment I (NR 302) Practice Documentation Perfect

John Marsh
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Chamberlain College of Nursing

Health Assessment I (NR 302)

Practice Documentation Perfect

Chamberlain College of Nursing NR
302 Health Assessment I
Eddyline R. Comia Weekly Lab Assignment Template
1. Use the this form to take notes while completing your physical examination as described in the “Weekly
Lab Assignment Guidelines.pdf” found in Doc Sharing as well as the Faculty Assignment page in your
course shell.
2. Record only objective data. Score is based on THOROUGHNESS and being CONCISE.
3. Avoid vague terms such as “good turgor” or “normal nodes”. For example, use “capillary refill less than
3 sec.” instead of “good capillary refill”. Use “Tympanic membranes intact, landmarks noted” instead of
“normal TM”.
4. Complete each section of the document based on the current week’s lab practice. Each week you will
turn in this same document with the additional sections completed. So you will basically pass this
document back and forth adding to it each time. We will continue to use it in NR 304 culminating in a
total Physical sample documentation
5. Each week it will be graded with the expectation that comments will be utilized for improvement the
following week.



Health Assessment I (NR 302) Practice Documentation Perfect

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