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Health Assessment (NR304) Exam 1 Review Check

John Marsh
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Chamberlain College of Nursing

Health Assessment (NR304)

NR 304 Exam 1 Review Check

NR 304 EXAM 1
Chapter 20 PVS and Lymphatic System
1. Describe and demonstrate the correct techniques used to assess the peripheral artery.
o During a complete physical examination, examine arms at very beginning when
you are checking vital signs and person is sitting
o Examine legs directly after abdominal examination while person is still supine;
then stand person up to evaluate leg veins
o Examination of arms and legs includes peripheral vascular characteristics
o Room temperature should be about 22°C and free of drafts to prevent
vasodilation or vasoconstriction
o Use inspection and palpation
o Compare your findings with opposite extremity
2. Discuss the expected findings related to the peripheral vascular assessment for the
aging adult.
o DP and PT pulses may become more difficult to find
o Trophic changes associated with arterial insufficiency may be seen
 Thin, shiny skin
 Thick, ridged nails
 Loss of hair on lower legs
o Peripheral blood vessels grow more rigid with age, resulting in a condition
called arteriosclerosis
o Care for myocardial infarction (MI) now includes early mobilization and lowdose
anticoagulant medication, which reduce risk of pulmonary embolism
o Loss of lymphatic tissue leads to fewer numbers of lymph nodes in older
people and to decrease in size of remaining nodes
3. Identify subjective data to be collected during the peripheral vascular assessment and
provide a sample question for each category.
o Leg pain or cramps
o Skin changes on arms or legs
o Swelling
o Lymph node enlargement
o Medications
o Smoking history
4. Identify objective data to be collected during the peripheral vascular assessment.



Health Assessment (NR304) Exam 1 Review Check

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