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Health Assessment (NURS 3120) Final Exam Questions

John Marsh
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Health Assessment Final Exam Questions

Idaho State University

Health Assessment (NURS 3120)

During an assessment, a patient states the importance of spending quality time with family
and friends. The nurse would document this information as fulfilling which facet of the
patient’s health?
a. cultural influences
b. developmental level
c. spiritual influences
d. social wellbeing

After a patient describes abdominal pain to the nurse, which questions can the nurse ask to
provide more information about the pain? Select all that apply
a. Where does the pain travel
b. What other symptoms do you have with the pain?
c. Do you have blood in your stool?
d. what makes the pain less or worse?
e. Where do you feel the pain? –

After completing an assessment, the nurse is generating the patient’s problem list. Which
problem would have the highest priority?
a. shoulder pain
b. anxiety about work
c. lack of appetite
d. insomnia

During an assessment, the nurse asks a patient with low back pain what has been used to try
and alleviate the pain. The nurse is asking questions to determine which category of the
mnemonic OLD CART?
a. onset
b. treatments
c. location
d. duration

The nurse is changing a patient’s plan of care because identified goals have not been achieved.
The nurse is working within which phase of the nursing process?
a. planning
b. assessment
c. implementation
d. evaluation



Health Assessment (NURS 3120) Final Exam Questions

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