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Health Care Of Children (NURS 30020) Exam I Study Guide

John Marsh
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Health Care Of Children (NURS 30020)

Health Care of Children Exam I Study Guide NURS 30020

Health Care of Children Exam I Study Guide
Class Guides 1-8 except 2, 6
Child Health Nursing (5-7 questions); Nursing Care of hospitalized child (5-7 questions); Alteration in fluid and
electrolytes (5-7 questions); Alterations in GI function (5-7 questions); Pain assessment (5-7 questions);
Respiratory assessment and Alteration in respiratory function (17-20 questions); Alteration in mental health and
cognition (10-12 questions); Growth and development from chapter 5 (2-4 questions); General Assessment from
chapter 7 (1-3 questions); math (2-4 questions)
Class Guide 1: Child Health Nursing: Concepts, Roles, and Issues in Nursing Care of the
Hospitalized Child
A. Overview of Pediatric Health Care
2. History of child health nursing
-1880 Regulations improved milk, infant formulas developed
-1896 Lillian Wald, Mary Maud Brewster founded Henry Street Settlement, first organized
nursing services for children
-1900 Pediatric Wards
-1902 School Nurses
-20th Century Legislation, In current times, parents can now stay at the bedside, stays are
much shorter, and special needs of childhood are recognized
3. Nursing process
Implement the nursing process with the family as well as the patient
Clinical Practice Guidelines/Pathways are often used in pediatrics (Ex: Pediatric Asthma
Score, RSV, Appendicitis, CF) which are, “if, then,” statements used like recipes and are often standing
4. Contemporary climate for pediatric nursing
a. Family centered care
b. Cultural competence
c. Health statistics
Infant Mortality
Neonates(0-28 days)→ low birth weight, prematurity, congenital malformations, maternal or birth
Infants(1-12mo)→ SIDS, congenital malformations, unintentional injuries
Child Mortality
Children(1-19yr)→ Unintentional injury, homicide
Child Morbidity
1-9yr→ Respiratory disease
10-14yr→ Digestive disease, mental disorder
15-19yr→ Pregnancy, mental disorder
d. Health care financing
Children may qualify for Medicaid based on family income level or child with chronic
condition. CHIP, private insurance, and Affordable Care Act also provide financing. Illegal
immigrants can qualify for public insurance programs
5. Legal and ethical issues




Health Care Of Children (NURS 30020) Exam I Study Guide

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