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Health Care Systems and Transcultural (HLT-205) Essay 2 Assignment

John Marsh
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Grand Canyon University

Health Care Systems and Transcultural Health Care (HLT-205)

Health care essay 2 – assignment

Health Care Essay: Cost, Access, Quality and the Role Technology Plays
The cost of healthcare is a complex subject. There are several factors that contribute to
the cost and the way the system essentially works. We need to look at not only cost, but also
quality, access and technology. I will start with cost The United States healthcare system relies
on a fee-for-service model. This type of payment system pays medical providers for each service
they provide to the patient. This can encourage overtreatment, unnecessary test and defensive
medicine, or the practice of over cautious care to avoid malpractice suits. (“Seven Factors
Driving Up Your Health Care Costs”, 2019) There are new federal laws to curb this wasteful and
expensive practice. The cost of malpractice suits is another issue that drives up the cost of
healthcare. We also have a supply and demand problem with regard to access to care. The US
has more specialists compared to general practitioners than other countries. Specialists are
obviously more expensive. While we do have Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants who
can provide care and fill in the gap, some states restrict what they are allowed to do for patients,
which makes them less useful.



Health Care Systems and Transcultural (HLT-205) Essay 2 Assignment

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