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HIS 100 Multimedia Presentation Planning Worksheet

Sandra Watson
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Perspectives in History (HIS100)


Southern New Hampshire University

Part 1: Brainstorming
Instructions: Brainstorm your thoughts on each question in preparation for creating an outline of your multimedia presentation, including specific examples as

State three historical
lenses that could be
applied to your topic
and explain how each
lens can be applied.

Describe how one of
the lenses you just
identified might change
how the Historical
Context and
Introduction you
previously submitted in
Project 2 were written

Discuss the conclusions
you can draw from
thinking about how
history is told. Consider
how historians are
persuaded by their own
biases, motivations, and
influences of their time.

Describe how your
research of a historical
topic can help you
contemporary issues,
and try to list at least
two related
contemporary issues

After taking this course,
what do you think
about the statement
“history repeats itself”?
Do you think this is
accurate? What
information from the
course guides you to
this conclusion?

Discuss your obligation
as a citizen of your
society to understand
the history behind
issues that impact you
every day.



HIS 100 Multimedia Presentation Planning Worksheet

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