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History 1301- Ch 18 - Foner Eric Give Me Liberty! Seagull Edition ISBN 9780393614176

James Moore
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4. Asian and Mexican immigrants entered the United States in smaller numbers.
a. Asians entered through Angel Island.
b. Mexicans entered through El Paso, Texas.
D. The Immigrant Quest for Freedom
1. Like their nineteenth-century predecessors, the new immigrants arrived imagining the
United States as a land of freedom.
a. Some immigrants were birds of passage, who planned on returning to their homeland.
2. The new immigrants clustered in close-knit ethnic neighborhoods.
a. Churches were pillars of these immigrant communities.
E. Consumer Freedom
1. The advent of large department stores in central cities, chain stores in urban
neighborhoods, and retail mail-order houses for farmers and small-town residents made
the vast array of goods now pouring from the nation’s factories available to consumers
throughout the country.
2. Leisure activities also took on the characteristics of mass consumption.
a. Vaudeville
F. The Working Woman
1. Traditional gender roles were changing dramatically as more and more women were
working for wages.
a. Married women were working more.
2. The working woman became a symbol of female emancipation.
3. Charlotte Perkins Gilman claimed that the road to woman’s freedom lay through the
a. Voices of Freedom (Primary Source document feature) provides part of Gilman’s
book Women and Economics (1898), in which she argues that economic freedom is
the key to true liberation.
4. Battles emerged within immigrant families of all nationalities between parents and their
self-consciously “free” children, especially daughters.
G. The Rise of Fordism
1. Henry Ford concentrated on standardizing output and lowering the price of automobiles.
2. Ford revolutionized manufacturing with the moving assembly line.
3. Ford paid his employees five dollars a day so that they could afford to buy his cars.
H. The Promise of Abundance
History 1301- Ch 18 - Foner Eric Give Me Liberty! Seagull Edition ISBN 9780393614176

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