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HIT111 Basic Medical Terminology DeVry University

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DeVry University

HIT111 Basic Medical Terminology DU

Primary Medical Terms: Primary terms enable you to prioritize terms
Word Parts Are the Key: Introduction to word parts and how they create complex medical
Word Roots: The word parts that usually, but not always, indicate the part of the body involved.
When a vowel, usually the letter “o,” is added to the end of a word root, this is now referred to as
a “combining form.”
Suffixes: The word parts that usually, but not always, indicates the procedure. Condition,
disorder, or disease.
Prefixes: The word part attached at the beginning of a word that usually, but not always,
indicates location, time, number, or status.
Word Parts
-algia/-dynia- pain and suffering
Dys– bad, difficult, or painful
-ectomy- surgical removal
hyper– excessive or increased
hypo– deficient or decreased
-itis- inflammation
-osis- abnormal condition or disease
-ostomy- surgical creation of an artificial opening to the body surface
-otomy- surgical incision
-plasty- surgical repair
-rrhage/-rrhagia- bleeding; sudden, severe bleeding -rrhage- bursting forth of blood
-rrhaphy- surgical suturing to close a wound and includes the use of sutures, staples, or
surgical glue
-rrhea- flow or discharge and refers to the flow of most body fluids.
-rrhexis- rupture
-sclerosis- abnormal hardening
gastr– stomach gastr/o- combining form of stomach
myel– spinal cord/ bone marrow myel/o- combining form of spinal cord/ bone marrow
osteo– bone oste/o- combining form of bone
my– muscle my/o- combining form of muscle
neur– nerve neur/o- combining form of nerve
arthr– joint arthr/o- combining form of joint
tonsill– tonsils tonsill/o- combining form of tonsils
crani– skull
-um- a noun ending
cardi– heart


HIT111 Basic Medical Terminology DeVry University

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