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Hnr Intro Publc Spkng (SPC 2608) Persuasive Speech Outline

Sandra Watson
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University of Florida

Hnr Intro Publc Spkng (SPC 2608)

Persuasive Speech Outline
 Step One: Attention
o Attention Getter:
 How many of you have ever used your cell phone while you’re
driving? I believe most of you.
 But do you that 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the U.S. is caused
by texting and driving? (Edgar Snyder Associates)
 Kevin Gerrard once said, “Accidents do not happen, they are
caused.” (LinkedIn, August 19th, 2015)
o Identify a Clear Central Idea: texting while driving is very distracted and
dangerous behavior. Today I want to persuade you all to stop texting
while you’re driving.
o Relate the Topic to the Audience: most of us have our own cars and cell
phones. In the modern society, everyone depends on texting to connect
with their friends or work. Most people can’t leave their phones alone
even when they’re driving.
o Establish your Credibility: all my friends have same problems of texting
while driving. I’ve experienced enough scary when I sat by their sides.
One time my friend Lauren hit the sidewalk when she’s texting while
driving; another time my friend Nikki almost hit a person on the road.
Every time I can feel the dangerous situation we were in.
o Preview the Body of the Speech:
 Problem and statistics of texting while driving.
 Solution – putting your phone aside while driving
 What will we achieve when we stop texting while driving? And
what we may suffer if we keep texting while driving?
 Step 2: Need/Problem Step
o Texting while driving is very distractive
 There are three main types of distraction:
 Visual: taking your eyes off the road;
 Manual: taking your hands off the wheel;
 Cognitive: taking your mind off driving. (Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention, March 7th, 2016)
 Texting while driving combines all three types of distraction.
 When you’re texting, you will look at your phone instead
of the road; you will grab your phone instead of the wheel;
you will concentrate on your text content instead of
o Tragedies caused by texting while driving.



Hnr Intro Publc Spkng (SPC 2608) Persuasive Speech Outline

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