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How Far Does The Tip Of The Minute Hand Travel

Sandra Watson
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Question 1:

Celia is staring at the clock waiting for school to end so that she can go to track practice. She notices that the 4-inch-long minute hand is rotating around the clock and marking off time like degrees on a unit circle.

Part 1: How many radians does the minute hand move from 1:25 to 1:50? (Hint: Find the number of degrees per minute first.)
Part 2: How far does the tip of the minute hand travel during that time?

You must show all of your work.

Question 2- Using complete sentences, explain the key features of the graph of the sine function.

Question 3- If sin(x) = ½, what is cos(x) and tan(x)? Explain your step in complete sentences.

Question 4-  Functions f(x) and g(x) are shown below:

f(x) = 2cos(x)

g(x) is the image below.

g(x)-3, sin(x+π -7

Using complete sentences, explain how to find the maximum value for each function and determine which function has the largest maximum y-value.


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