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HTF 201 Food and Beverage Cost Control Management Functions Ryerson University

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Ryerson University

HTF 201 Food and Beverage Cost Control Management Functions Ryerson University

HTF 201 2016 W
Mid-term Test Keys
Student Name: ………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Student Number: ………………………………………………………………….
 Time: 90 minutes
Part I : Multiple Choice Questions: 1 to 47
(Circle the letter of one choice only for each question and on the bubble sheet with
Total marks: 47
Part II: Short Answer/problem Solving Questions: 48- 51
Total marks: 24
Part I :
Part II:
Combined: ………./71
Part 1: Multiple Choice Questions (50 Credits)
1. A restaurant manager notes that actual labor costs exceed the expected labor costs for the volume of
business during the week. The manager calls a management meeting to discuss the situation and, if
necessary, take corrective action to prevent excessive labor costs for upcoming weeks. Which of the
following management functions best describes the kind of work that the management team will be
a. planning
b. staffing
c. controlling
d. organizing
2. Effective control systems can help food and beverage managers:
a. identify mistakes and plan tactics to correct them.
b. create a mission statement.
c. identify new menu items to offer.
d. define strategic objectives.
3. Which of the following statements about the role of standards in the control process is TRUE?
a. Industry averages are the best source of information for establishing standards.
b. Financial standards should always be set on the basis of past financial statements.
c. Standards can be established for revenue goals and sales targets as well as for employee
attendance and safety records.
d. Standards are effective only if they state an expected level of performance for individual
4. Robert, the newly hired manager at the independently owned Seasons Restaurant, has discovered that
calculations of actual food costs include the cost of providing employee meals. However, employee
meals are not included as costs in establishing the restaurant’s standard food costs. Which of the
following principles of developing an effective control process has been violated?
a. Information about actual operating results must be simple and easy to collect.
b. Actual information must be collected in a manner consistent with the procedures and
formats used to establish performance standards.
c. Checks on the controls should be part of the control system itself.
d. Actual information generated for control purposes should be compatible with the formats used
in accounting systems.
5. A shopper service is a(n):
a. service offered by many businesses to assist guests who are unable to visit the operation in
b. Internet-based buying service that offers managers greater control of the purchasing and
receiving function.
c. system of supply in which vendors automatically resupply the restaurant on a schedule
determined by the food and beverage manager.
d. control tactic that involves observing and reporting the actual operations of a business.
. The cost effectiveness of a control system is measured by:
a. comparing the cost of implementing the control system with the cost reductions achieved
by using the system.
b. evaluating how well the control system helps identify what corrective action is necessary to
bring actual operating results closer to established standards of performance.
c. assessing the timeliness by which control information is made available to managers.
d. determining if the control system gives priority to factors that are most relevant to attaining the
operation’s goals.
7. Service has been slow at the Season’s Restaurant. The manager has traced the problem to the flow
of products from the storeroom to production areas. Which of the following control points is likely
to be the focus of corrective action?
a. preparing
b. serving
c. issuing
d. storing
e. purchasing
8. A formula for producing a food and beverage item is called a(n):
a. product specification.
b. portion control percentage.
c. algorithm.
d. standard recipe.
9. Which of the following control tools links a restaurant’s suppliers and receiving staff, ensuring that
the proper quality of products is available for food production and service?
a. yield percentage worksheets
b. standard purchase specifications
c. standard recipes
d. standard portion size specifications
10. If the original yield for a standard recipe is 25 portions and the desired yield is 125 portions, what is
the adjustment factor?
a. 5.2
b. 5.0
c. 2.5
d. 1.2
11. To produce a desired yield of 20 pounds from a standard recipe with a standard yield of 5 pounds,
the amount of each recipe ingredient used should be multiplied by:
a. 5.0.
b. 4.0.
c. 0.4.
d. 0.25
e. The information is not enough


HTF 201 Food and Beverage Cost Control Management Functions Ryerson University


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