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Human Anatomy And Physiology (BIOL 235) Assighnment 1

John Marsh
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Athabasca University

Human Anatomy and Physiology (Biol 235)

Assignment 1
Weight: 5%
Minimum Pass Grade: 50%
Each question is worth 10 marks.
1. Maintenance of calcium ion homeostasis is critical to neurological, cardiac and skeletal muscle function.
Consider the roles of two hormones involved in the regulation of the concentration of calcium ions in the
blood. Parathyroid hormone increases the concentration of calcium ions in the blood, while calcitonin
decreases the concentration. Based on this information predict the body’s response to restore calcium
balance if a person swallowed 100 antacid tablets made of a calcium compound in 10 minutes. Include in
your answer the definition of homeostasis, the type of feedback loop involved and all of the components of
a feedback loop.

2. Provide one important example (in the human body) of each of the following:
a. a molecule containing ionic bonds

b. a molecule containing covalent bonds

c. a molecule containing hydrogen bonds

What is the function of each of these three molecules you have identified in the human body? Explain why
each of these three molecules must have its specific types of bonds in order to perform that molecule’s

3. Define mitosis and meiosis, and describe the differences between these two processes.

4. List the skin glands and write details about their functions. What would be the consequences if a person’s
skin glands stopped functioning?

5. Describe how the structures of the epidermis allow it to provide immediate and indirect protection to
underlying tissues.

6. Fill in the words or phrases that best complete each of the following sentences.



Human Anatomy And Physiology (BIOL 235) Assighnment 1

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