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Human Anatomy And Physiology (BIOL 322 ) Chapter 3- Cells And Tissues

John Marsh
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Chapter 3- Cells and Tissues

Radford University

Human Anatomy And Physiology For Pre-Nursing Majors (BIOL 322 )

Chapter 3: Cells and Tissues
Section 1: Introduction to Cells
Cells are the smallest living units of life.
 Body cells are surrounded by extracellular fluid.
o Extracellular Fluid: all body fluids other than that constrained within the cell
 The Plasma membrane; separate the cell contents from the extracellular fluid.
 Cytoplasm; material between the plasma membrane and the membrane
surrounding the nucleus.
o Subdivided into: Cytosol and Organelles
 Cytosol; the fluid of the cytoplasm or the intracellular fluid.
 Organelles; intracellular structures with specific functions
 Two types of organelles within the cell; Membranous and non-membranous.
o Membranous organelles; are isolated from the cytosol by phospholipid
o Non-membranous organelles; not completely enclosed by membranes and
their part in direct contact with the cytosol.



Human Anatomy And Physiology (BIOL 322 ) Chapter 3- Cells And Tissues

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