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Human Growth And Development (PSY 2310 ) Life's Greatest Miracle

Sandra Watson
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University of Houston-Downtown

Human Growth and Development (PSY 2310 )

Notes on Prenatal Development: “Life’s Greatest Miracle”
Use this worksheet to guide you through the “Life’s Greatest Miracle” video (53 minutes) on
Learning Module 1. You may also need to refer to the textbook (Chapter 2) to answer some of
these questions.
What is a zygote? The new Cell formed from the union of sperm and ovum.
Name of Stage 1: The Germinal Period
Occurs during which weeks of pregnancy? First Two Weeks
What is a blastocyst? A ball of about 100 cells formed about 1 week following conception.
Key developmental milestones/features:
-Trophoblast outer layer of cells provides protection and nourishment.
-The inner layer of cells become the embryo of the new organism.
-Placenta begins to develop
-Umbilical cord begins to develop



 Human Growth And Development (PSY 2310 ) Life's Greatest Miracle

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