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Human Resources Chapter 05

Sandra Watson
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Human Resource Management, 15e (Dessler)
Chapter 5 Personnel Planning and Recruiting
1) What is the first step in the recruitment and selection process?
A) performing initial screening interviews
B) building a pool of candidates
C) performing candidate background checks
D) deciding what positions to fill

2) Which of the following terms refers to the background investigations, tests, and physical
exams that firms use to identify viable candidates for a job?
A) selection tools
B) job analysis methods
C) personnel techniques
D) forecasting tools

3) ________ is the process of deciding what positions the firm will have to fill and how to fill
A) Recruitment
B) Selection
C) Job analysis
D) Workforce planning

4) Marcus, an HR manager for Samsung, must decide what positions the firm should fill in the
next six months, which means Marcus is currently working on ________.
A) screening job candidates
B) personnel planning
C) interviewing job candidates
D) writing job descriptions

5) The process of deciding how to fill executive positions at a firm is known as ________.
A) internal recruiting
B) succession planning
C) long-term forecasting
D) advanced interviewing

6) A firm’s ________ should guide employment planning and determine the types of skills and
competencies the firm needs.
A) job analysis
B) organization chart
C) marketing planning
D) strategic business planning

7) Succession planning requires making forecasts of in three steps: ________, develop inside
candidates, assess and choose those who will fill the key position.
A) identify key needs
B) job specifications
C) global trends
D) labor relations

8) Which of the following terms refers to studying a firm’s past employment needs over a period
of years to predict future needs?
A) ratio analysis
B) trend analysis
C) graphical analysis
D) computer analysis

9) A trend analysis is limited in its usefulness because it ________.
A) overlooks the passage of time in regards to staffing
B) addresses only the financial impact of employment changes
C) assumes constant increases in worker productivity
D) overlooks the potential for changes in skills needed

10) Which of the following determines future staff needs by using ratios between a causal factor
and the number of employees required?
A) ratio analysis
B) forecasting ratio
C) personnel ratio
D) ratio matrix



Human Resources Chapter 05

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