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Idiosyncrasy Credit (NURS 4602) Chapter 5 Outline

John Marsh
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Chapter 5 Outline-idiosyncrasy credit

  • Texas Woman’s University
  • The Nursing Experience with Groups (NURS 4602)

Chapter 5: Group Norms
● Standards for the behavior, attitudes, and even the perceptions of their members.
● These standards are called the norms of the group: Shared expectations for what is appropriate and
inappropriate behavior, what members should and shouldn’t do.
● The content of the norms tends to vary from group to group, as does the degree to which the norms are
explicit or implicit.
● Vary in the form that normative pressures take, in the intensity of these pressures, and in the targets of theses
normative pressures.
● The content of the norm cover all aspects of the members’ life
● Medical and health specialist teams often formulate group norms for normal members that extend widely,
encompassing the members’ private lives.
● Within the typical workgroup for health professional team, the content of group norms typically focuses on
work related issues
● Explicit: Presented to new members who are to learn them as part of their induction into the Group
● Implicit: shared understanding that members have about what is and what is not appropriate behavior.
● Even groups with the set of very explicit norms also tend have many implicit understandings



idiosyncrasy credit (NURS 4602) Chapter 5 Outline

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