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IFSM Week 3 Quiz All Answers

John Marsh
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Question 1
Which of the following would not be counted in a list of goals for having and using a knowledge management system (KMS):
Question 1 options:
Facilitating better, more informed decisions
Stimulating cultural change and innovation
Utilizing information technology to manage data and information
Impacting performance across an organization
Building knowledge that can be used to streamline operations and improve processes.

Question 2
1. ________ is the gathering, organizing, sharing, and analyzing of the data and information to which a business has access.
a. Data
b. Information
c. Knowledge management
Organizational memory
Question 2 options:
Knowledge management
Organizational memory

Question 3
True or false? Tables are composed of fields, and fields are composed of records.
Question 3 options:
A) True
B) False

Question 4
True or false? A record can contain only character data—letters, numbers, or special symbols.
Question 4 options:
A) True
B) False

Question 5
Does a database report allow the user to enter or modify data in the records? Select Yes or No.
Question 5 options:
A) Yes
B) No

Question 6
Does a wizard function allow the user to enter or modify data in the records? Select Yes or No.
Question 6 options:
A) Yes
B) No

Question 7
What is the software called that allows the user to create, access, and manage a database?
Question 7 options:
C) OO model
D) Relational Model

Question 8
True or false? A database system is typically much less complex than a file processing system containing a series of lists or even a spreadsheet, but it requires
more memory for storage allocation.
Question 8 options:
A) True
B) False

Question 9
Which of the following would be an example of a loss of record integrity within a database?
Question 9 options:
A) A faculty member posts the full names and final grades on the main page of the
class’s website.
B) Your online banking site tells you your password has expired and requests that you
submit a new one to access your accounts.

C) Your bank statement is not reflecting a refund that you know was deposited in your
account last week (your account balance does reflect the refund).
You are denied a new credit card because the credit card company checked your
credit score and found that it did not meet its minimum standards for new accounts.
Your credit report does not show any invalid records.

Question 10
Cloud storage for database contents is more efficient in terms of easy access by employees anytime, anywhere. The updated information for the database is
generated with real-time information sent to a central server within the company. Updates to the cloud are made every hour during normal working hours. This
could be considered a potential database __________.
Question 10 options:
A) threat
B) vulnerability

Question 11
Your network administrator finds a virus in the network software. Fortunately, she was able to eliminate it before it resulted in a denial-of-service attack, which
would have prevented legitimate users of the networked database from gaining access to the records needed. It turns out that the network software did not have
adequate security protections in place. This could be considered a __________.
Question 11 options:
B) vulnerability

Question 12
A staff/faculty member uses proprietary (owned and protected by the university) data from the university’s student financial records database in a graph that is part
of a presentation at a computer education conference. Which of the following best describes the data issue?
Question 12 options:
A) Malicious data loss
B) Intentional data leak
C) Accidental data loss
D) Malicious data leak

Question 13
An e-mail message to all the members of your department asks each person to reply to the sender with data on his or her recent sales figures. This is data that is
normally not shared with others in the department. You accidentally hit the Reply All button instead of replying to just the sender. Which of the following best
describes the data issue at play in this situation?

Question 13 options:
A) Accidental data loss
B) Accidental data leak
C) Intentional data loss
D) Intentional data leak

Question 14
(True/False). If you are the only user of your personal computer, it is not necessary to perform a risk assessment to identify any vulnerabilities related to your
personal database.
Question 14 options:
A) True
B) False

Question 15
(True/False). In terms of database access, risk assessments should address those who have legitimate credentials for viewing, entering, updating, or removing
data from the database and those who are restricted from accessing the database or who have limited rights.
Question 15 options:
A) True
B) False

Question 16
Which of the following actions is not easily accomplished in an existing chart:
Question 16 options:
Alphabetize an set of axis labels in an existing chart.
Change the chart type
Insert a chart via the Recommended Charts option
Rearrange chart data via the switch rows/columns option

Question 17
Excel allows you to add chart elements—such as chart titles, legends, and data labels—to make your chart easier to read. To add a chart element, you click the Add Chart Element command on the:
Question 17 options:
Design tab
Format tab.

View tab.

Question 18
(True/False). Once an Excel table has been inserted into your spreadsheet, you are not able to modify the data entered into that table.
Question 18 options:

Question 19
When creating a named range in Excel, which of the following rules does NOT apply:
Question 19 options:
The first character of a name must be a letter, an underscore character (_), or a backslash (\).
You cannot use the uppercase and lowercase characters “C”, “c”, “R”, or “r” as a defined name.
Spaces are not allowed as part of a name.
The length of the name is restricted to 155 characters.

Question 20
Which of the following is a valid named range in Excel:
Question 20 options:
AVG Costs

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