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Inquiry in Health Care (HLSC122 ) Assignment 2- Searching for an evidence in Healthcare

John Marsh
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Inquiry in Health Care (HLSC122 ) Assignment 2- Searching for an evidence in Healthcare

Mandatory assignment for HLSC122. Got DI with this assignment

Australian Catholic University

HLSC 122- EBP search strategies
Contemporary health system requires all health professionals to deliver care and
service which is evidence based and meet patient/client needs. This process of providing
holistic care to the patient which is supported by best available evidence is known as
evidence based practice (EBP). EBP involves tracking down the best evidence for a clinical
question with various search strategies and consequently, critical appraisal of the evidence
with existing clinical expertise and evaluation of effectiveness and efficacy of the practice
(Hoffmann, Bennett, Del Mar, 2013). This essay delves into the first two component of EBP
process and illustrates techniques for searching best available evidence in the medical
database and additionally, will explain why these chosen databases are best for this particular
prognostic question, that is “In young women will drinking green tea prevent cancer
compared to drinking black tea?”
The EBP process starts with developing an answerable clinical question (Hoffman et
al, 2013). The PICO/PICo model is an effective way to format a clinical question that saves
hours of unfocused research and directs healthcare professionals in a systematic research
environment. The PICO model is for quantitative analysis where there are two components to
be compared against, whereas the latter lacks a comparator and thus serves for qualitative
intervention. The presented clinical question for this essay has a comparator (black tea or
green tea), therefore the PICO model best suits for developing a research strategy. The table
below shows different parts of a clinical question that go with different PICO elements.
Search term Alternative words (OR)
P Young Women Young females
I Green Tea Tea
C Green Tea or Black Tea Tea
O Cancer Prevention Inhibit Cancerous growth
OR anti-neoplasia OR anti-


Inquiry in Health Care (HLSC122 ) Assignment 2- Searching for an evidence in Healthcare

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