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Instrumental Techniques (MUSP 3195) Tuba vs. Sousaphone

Sandra Watson
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Texas State University

Instrumental Techniques for Choral Students (MUSP 3195)

Difference in Tone Quality- Conical vs. Cylindrical
The two instruments I will compare and contrast are the Tuba and the Sousaphone.
Although similar, one major difference is the tone quality in which they produce. The Tuba and
Sousaphone share a wide range and deep powerful sound. The Tuba has a richer, fuller, fully
hollow, and balanced tone quality than that of the Sousaphone. The Sousaphone, although
protected by the structure of the bell, is more note heavy, and lacks the ability to produce a more
musical sound like the Tuba.



Instrumental Techniques  (MUSP 3195) Tuba vs. Sousaphone

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