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Integrated Nursing (NURS601) State Topics

John Marsh
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Auckland University of Technology

Integrated Nursing (NURS601)

State Topics for Primary Health

State Final Exams Topics
Community/Primary Health
Children’s Health
Management of childhood eczema
Otitis Media
Why are children more prone
What is otitis media
What does the tympanic membrane look like in
acute otitis media
Why can untreated chronic otitis media cause
hearing loss
Head lice
How to recognise school child with head lice Mother
treated kids 3 weeks ago & infected again
Mother treated kids 3 weeks ago & infected again
What causes the return of head lice?
How are head lice transmitted
Rationale for removal of tonsils
Management of postop bleed at home
Immunisation myths
Why immunise?
Teaching about immunisations
Mother does not wish to immunise
Baby does not need immunisation because mother is
breast feeding
Children not been immunised – what to do
Difference between passive and active immunity
Informed consent
What do you assess first when giving immunisations
Post care immunisations



Integrated Nursing (NURS601) State Topics

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