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Intro Fiction Writing (WR 212) Negative Effects Of Social Media Essay

Sandra Watson
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Portland State University

Intro Fiction Writing (WR 212)

In our generation, it is important to understand the different ways that the internet affects
us. It seems that the fast growing world of the internet has become apart of everyone’s everyday
life one way or another— from checking the local news or weather, to looking up answers to
pretty much any question. Social media specifically has become a habit that more people
participant in, than don’t. It seems like it is harder to create memories with someone who is just
focused on your their social media feed. Some of the most commonly known social media sites
are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Because of how easily accessed the cyber world has
become, it has created some positive as well as negative affects on people both mentally and
physically. This research essay will go into detail on how social media affects peoples self
esteem, academic performance, as well as social skills. Learning about these affects can help
people understand how to not abuse the media world and possibly be the answer to some of our



Intro Fiction Writing (WR 212) Negative Effects Of Social Media Essay

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