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Intro Prof Of Nursing (NUR 3825) Drawing Of Cranial Nerves

John Marsh
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Drawing of cranial nerves

University of Florida

Intro Prof Of Nursing (NUR 3825)

Facing cranial nerve
By Barbara Bolek, APRN, MSN, CCRN, PCCN
How to remember
and assess the cranial
nerves with ease

Olfactory nerve (CN I)
Located in the nose, cranial nerve (CN) I controls
the sense of smell. This nerve isn’t frequently tested,
even by neurologists. However, suspect an abnormality
in a neurologic patient who has a poor appetite.
To assess the nerve, use soap and coffee—both
are easy to find on a unit. Or take a trip to the
kitchen for cloves and vanilla. Don’t use a substance
with a harsh odor, such as ammonia, because it will
stimulate the intranasal pain endings of CN V.
Have the patient close both eyes, close one nostril,
and gently inhale to smell the scent. Remember
to do both nostrils.



Intro Prof Of Nursing (NUR 3825) Drawing Of Cranial Nerves

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