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Intro To Manual Communication (CD 3402) Audism Unveiled

Sandra Watson
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Audism Unveiled movie questions


Arkansas State University

Audism Unveiled Movie – Worksheet
1 The movie begins with “Attention: The following movie is subtitled for the signingimpaired.”
This is an example of Deaf humor but also what underlying message do
you think they are making known by doing so?

2 What were the 3 reasons that the first woman did not get hired for a job in Texas?

3 When in group conversations or watching movies without captions what response
do Deaf hate the most from hearing people?

4 What is one punishment for signing in school?

5 What are examples of discrimination throughout the world shown in the movie?

6 When does oppression occur?

7 Different names for oppression are?

9 What is “Audism?”

10 Why do some view Deaf as “subhuman?”



Intro To Manual Communication (CD 3402) Audism Unveiled


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