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Intro To Social Work (SSCI 2600) Processing Recording Example

Sandra Watson
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Fordham University

Intro To Social Work (SSCI 2600)

In what pre-engagement activities did you engage in to prepare for your meeting?
 To prepare for my meeting, I looked at a sample of a psychosocial evaluation to familiarize
myself with the questions I would be asking. I then asked my instructor to clarify any questions I
Interview Assessment: (Reflect on the interview as a whole. Was there a clear beginning, middle and
end? How effective were you in achieving the stated purpose)
 There was a clear beginning, middle, and end, as the client was informed throughout the
assessment. I believe that the stated purpose was achieved, and that I was effective in conducting
the psychosocial evaluation. D.D. provided information that would help us not only assess him,
but to supply a smooth discharge when ready.
Briefly present your impressions of the client situation: (Provide a brief summary of your analytical
thinking about the entire interview. Were the goals met?)
 My initial impressions were that the client was alert, oriented, and bright. The client was able to
present his long-term memory, but had difficulty with his short-term memory. The client was
compliant and cooperative throughout the whole evaluation. The goal of the day was to conduct
a psychosocial evaluation, which would provide the treatment team with further information on
how we could help the client. The goal was met, as the client provided us with information
relevant to his health and future discharge.



Intro To Social Work (SSCI 2600) Processing Recording Example

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