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Intro To Sociology (1301-160) Quiz June 16 Summer 2019

Sandra Watson
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Wharton County Junior College

Intro to Sociology (1301-160)

according to c. wright mills, what one quality of mind do all great sociologists possess?

1. _Macro_ is the level of analysis that studies large-scale social structures in order to
understand how they affect the larger patterns and institutions of society.
2. Postmodern society theorists attempt to construct “grand narratives,” overarching theories
that give a sense of order and coherence to the world. True
3. How is sociology different from other disciplines? __
4. According to Ch 1, what was probably Harriet Martineau’s most important contribution to
the development of sociology as a discipline? __translating Comte’s work to English__
5. A researcher studying the interaction between a cashier at a grocery store would likely be
doing what? __micro__
6. If you’ve gone to a new place, and suddenly felt disorientated because the environment
was so strange to you, you may have experienced: __culture shock__
7. What economic system emerged during the industrial revolution? __Capitalism__
8. Humans are essentially social beings. _True_
9. Which of the following theories focuses on how our behaviors are dependent upon the
ways we interpret, make sense of, and define ourselves, others and social situations?
_symbolic interactionism_
10. Which of the following theories views society as a whole unit, made up of interrelated
parts that work together? _structural functionalism_



Intro To Sociology (1301-160) Quiz June 16 Summer 2019

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