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Introduction (NUR 100) WORK - Karen Zuckerman

John Marsh
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University of Southern Maine

Introduction To Professional Nursing (NUR 100)

WORK – Karen Zuckerman

Matt Donovan, Melissa, Chloe Heslin, Meghan, Bruce, Carl, Meghan, Maccoy, Paige Menard
1. Allah- Higher God and Muhammed- Messenger of God like Jesus of Christianity, Second
largest religion in the world
2. Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, supposed to go there once in their life, it is considered the
holiest city in the Islam faith. They pray 5 times a day facing towards Mecca. Declaration
of faith, Shahada. Their bible is the Quran. They practice their religion in a mosque.
3. They can’t have any alcohol. Extremely weird about health care. Suicide and euthanasia
are not allowed. Abortion is not allowed. DNR’s are acceptable. They think an illness is a
test or punishment from God. Muslim women recommended that they have the same
gender doctor, in order to follow rules of modesty. Health care workers have to ask to
make sure it is ok to see parts of their body. Avoid eating pork.
4. The afterlife the Quran emphasizes that death is a transition for the body to leave one
body and to enter another realm. They return to Allah, and they want to preform the
burial. Autopsy’s are not allowed unless it is legally required. Cremation is also



Introduction (NUR 100) WORK - Karen Zuckerman

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