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Introduction to Australian Nursing Practice (NRSG136 ) Australian Catholic University

James Moore
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Which Cell Is Specialised For Movement Of Food Through The Digestive Tract Australian Catholic University Introduction to Australian Nursing Practice (NRSG136 )

Which cell is specialised for movement of food through the digestive tract?Select one:a. ciliated epithelial cellb. nerve cell with long fibresc. white blood cells with lysosomesd. smooth muscle cell with contractile proteins e. skeletal muscle cell with contractile proteinsQuestion textThe main chemical in the structure of the cell membrane isSelect one:a. cholesterolb. phospholipid c. integral proteind. peripheral proteine. channel proteinQuestion textBlood is a connective tissue becauseSelect one:a. it consists of fluid cytosol with organelles suspended in itb. it is made of cells scattered in a fluid matrixc. it is circulating to connect different parts of the body Question textWhich organ system provides support, protection of soft tissues, mineral storage, and blood formation?Select one:a. integumentaryb. skeletalc. endocrined. muscular e. nervou


Introduction to Australian Nursing Practice (NRSG136 ) Australian Catholic University

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