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Introduction To Creative Writing (ENGL 2351) Reflection Poetry Essay Grade A

Sandra Watson
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Texas Tech University

Introduction to Creative Writing (ENGL 2351)

Poetry Technique Reflection
Many poets are good poets because of not only the stories and topics they tell in
their poems, but also because of the technique they put into their poems. Techniques
chosen such as construction of sentences, fragment, phrases, and words. The choice of
diction, imagery, plot, and so on, that the poet that the poet CHOOSES to incorporate
into their works. Two works of poetry that display this well is “Pantoum of the Great
Depression” by Donald Justice and “Letter beginnings With Two Lines From Czelsaw
Milosz” by Matthew Olzmann. I will analyze not only what the poems are talking
about, but also the techniques within the poem that apply more meaning into the
poem than is seen at first glance.
In the Pantoum poem, Pantoum of the Great Depression by Donald Justice, the
poet talks about the great depression, but it’s not solely the words that tell this story.
Instead, the poet incorporates techniques such as word choice and sentence format to
show this to the reader. By adding commas to the poem he adds extra layers to the
poem that forces slow paced reading when one might want to read fast.



Introduction To Creative Writing (ENGL 2351) Reflection Poetry Essay Grade A

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