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Introduction To Interpersonal Communication (COM 102) Unlv Sona S1-S11

Sandra Watson
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University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Introduction To Interpersonal Communication (COM 102)

S1-S11 – For the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Nevada, Las

COM 102: Interpersonal Communication
Department of Communication Studies
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Course Description: This course is an introduction to the principles and concepts of interpersonal communication. Topics include: the interpersonal process,
the self-concept, identity management, perception, emotions, language, nonverbal communication, listening, dynamics of interpersonal relationships, communication climates, conflict, and the influences of gender and culture on all of
these topics. Classroom exercises, readings, lectures, and assignments will give
you a better understanding of your own communication style and that of others.
At course end, students should be able to understand and apply concepts from
this class to their personal and professional relationships, using them to improve
the quality of their own relationships. Because we communicate all the time, we
tend to take interpersonal skills for granted. This course will help you recognize
those skills and explore how to apply them in your daily and professional life. In
addition to your academic education, consider this class a part of your “life skills”
education at UNLV.
Course Goals:
1. Students will learn principles and concepts associated with competent
interpersonal communication.
2. Students will recognize that interpersonal communication is affected by
such things as culture, gender, perception, language, nonverbal
communication, listening, emotions, and the nature of relationships.
3. Students will improve their interpersonal communication based on the
principles addressed in class.
4. Students will gain competency with social-scientific terminology and
theory as they relate to the study of interpersonal communication.
Learning Objectives: Successful completion of this course will aid your achievement of several Learning Objectives for a BA in Communication Studies, including
• Define communication in interpersonal contexts.
• Analyze and evaluate messages and interaction in interpersonal settings.
• Identify and discuss historical developments and key theories in interpersonal communication.
• Recognize and explain multiple perspectives in interpersonal communication theory.
• Identify and assess features of ethical and unethical interpersonal communication



Introduction To Interpersonal Communication (COM 102) Unlv Sona S1-S11

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