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Introduction To Marketing (MARK1130) Chapter 6 WHQ

Sandra Watson
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Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Introduction to Marketing (MARK1130)

Chapter 6 WHQ – Summary Introduction to Marketing-your local city council or your county commissioners are examples of​ a(n) _____ market.

Consumer behavior
Which of the following refers to the process individuals experience when working
to satisfy their needs and desires?
What type of purchase decision is often based on a response to cues in the
environment rather than the perceived consequences of the purchase?
Behavior learning
Which of the following is the theory that learning occurs based on past experiences
and connections formed?
Base the ad on personal needs and goals
How can marketers increase the chances that consumers will have a connection to,
and respond to, an ad?
Physical environment
Which situational influence determines whether a shopper will react positively or
negatively to a store or shopping experience?
Opinion leaders
Who are the people who easily influence other’s attitudes or behaviors based on
perceived expertise or knowledge about a product?
Business-to-business market
Goods that are produced and sold to help support the operations of other businesses
are part of the _____.
Derived demand
When the demand for goods in a business is based on consumer demand for what
is produced, the organization is operating based on _____.
Straight rebuy
Which buyclass framework includes those items a business purchases on a regular
basis, such as office supplies?



Introduction To Marketing (MARK1130) Chapter 6 WHQ

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