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Introduction To Physics (PHYS 111N) One-Dimensional Motion

Sandra Watson
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what is the overall displacement δx of the particle?


Old Dominion University

What x vs. t Graphs Can Tell You
To describe the motion of a particle along a straight line, it is often convenient to draw a graph representing the position of the
particle at different times. This type of graph is usually referred to as an vs. graph. To draw such a graph, choose an axis
system in which time is plotted on the horizontal axis and position on the vertical axis. Then, indicate the values of at
various times . Mathematically, this corresponds to plotting the variable as a function of . An example of a graph of
position as a function of time for a particle traveling along a straight line is shown below. Note that an vs. graph like this
does not represent the path of the particle in space.
Now let’s study the graph shown in the figure in more detail. Refer
to this graph to answer Parts A, B, and C.



Introduction To Physics (PHYS 111N) One-Dimensional Motion

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