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Introduction To Physics (PHYS 111N) Two-Dimensional Motion

Sandra Watson
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Old Dominion University

Introduction to Physics (PHYS 111N)

Hw3: Two-Dimensional Motion – An Object Accelerating On A Ramp Book Solutions

An Object Accelerating on a Ramp
Learning Goal:
Understand that the acceleration vector is in the direction of the change of the velocity vector.
In one dimensional (straight line) motion, acceleration is accompanied by a change in speed, and the acceleration is always
parallel (or antiparallel) to the velocity.
When motion can occur in two dimensions (e.g. is confined to a tabletop but can lie anywhere in the x-y plane), the definition
of acceleration is

This problem contains several examples of this.Consider an object sliding on a frictionless ramp as depicted here. The object
is already moving along the ramp toward position 2 when it is at
position 1. The following questions concern the direction of the
object’s acceleration vector, . In this problem, you should find the
direction of the acceleration vector by drawing the velocity vector
at two points near to the position you are asked about. Note that
since the object moves along the track, its velocity vector at a point
will be tangent to the track at that point. The acceleration



Introduction To Physics (PHYS 111N) Two-Dimensional Motion

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