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Introduction To Rhetoric And Writing (ENC 1101) Bloodchild Summary

Sandra Watson
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University of North Florida

Introduction To Rhetoric And Writing (ENC 1101)

Katherine Carcamo
ENC 1143
Summary #5 ReSubmission
“Bloodchild” Summary 5 Resubmission
In the short-story, “Bloodchild,” author Octavia Butler narrates her readers about humans
whom have been oppressed by aliens detached from Earth. Notably, Butler is strikingly known
for her passion in African-American literature and science fiction which promotes the dystopian
imagination in “Bloodchild”. The story is told in first person point of view since Butler uses
words such as “I” and “my”. Ideally, the central climax of the story is the terrorizing birth of the
alien worms, which are ripped from the male host. This gruesome and bloody operation executes
a pathological appeal to her readers. For example, there is a sense of hesitance when the main
protagonist, Gan, says, “what she probably saw, as just her reward” (Butler 235). This is central
because the main character has been told that the aliens deserve a human child to bear their
children, yet he is hesitant about it.



Introduction To Rhetoric And Writing (ENC 1101) Bloodchild Summary

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