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Introductory Computer Organization (I&C SCI 51) Ics 51 Uci

Sandra Watson
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University of California Irvine

Introductory Computer Organization (I&C SCI 51)

The TAs and I discussed how to handle the holiday and the larger Lab 9 and this is
what we decided.
There are no labs Monday of 9th week (that is a holiday), but labs will meet Wednesday
of 9th week and Monday of 10th week (but not Wed of 10th week). All submission will
be through EEE drop box. We will be using scripts to grade your lab program so no
grading will occur during the lab time. Lab time is primarily for you to get help with your
programming project. We will allow you to run the script yourself so you know how your
program is performing. Grade will be proportional to how many of the test cases it
handles correctly. We will check the code to make sure the implementation conforms to
the spec.
Read the lab assignment early. If you have any questions or difficulties, you can get
TA/tutor help on Wednesday lab or the following Monday lab. You may drop in on any
lab times during those days lab is held.
When you are finished with your project, submit it via EEE dropbox. If you submit
before 11:50pm Thursday of 9th week, you will earn 10 points extra credit on the 100
points for the lab.
You may submit via EEE drop box until Tueday 11:59pm of 10th week for full credit. No
submissions will be accepted after that time.
You really should not submit any program unless it passes all the test cases. However,
any submission must pass at least half of the test cases from the script to count as a
valid submission and receive any credit or extra credit. Only one submission from each
student will be counted.
This course covers concepts and skills related to computer organization including
Computer Architecture, Digital Logic Design, Assembly Language, and Programming in
The textbook is Structured Computer Organization by Tannenbaum (online). Lecture
notes, homework assignments, and a discussion forum will be provided on-line
accessible through links on this page. Here is one reference for x86 symbolic assembly .
Discussion Forum: Students should expect to spend significant time writing and
debugging programs related to the lab and homework assignments. All students are



Introductory Computer Organization (I&C SCI 51) Ics 51 Uci

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