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Introductory Data Structures (EECS 280) Umich

Sandra Watson
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  • UniversityUniversity of Michigan
  • CourseProgramming and Introductory Data Structures (EECS 280)

This course provides a foundation for programming, the science of “how to” as a discipline.
Students will learn a variety of techniques and principles to quickly write correct programs that
are easy for others to understand and adapt to new purposes. This course focuses on
programming in the small, writing short programs or program components that are easily
understood by a single programmer. The concepts covered in this course are not just about C++
programming, but we will see how they can be concretely realized in the C++ language.
By the end of this course, a successful student will be able to:
● Take a problem and consider various possible approaches for solving it
● Select an approach or algorithm that provides for a simple, clean, well-structured
● Convert the algorithm into C++ code, using good design and style
● Test and debug the program using rigorous techniques
● Understand the concepts of top-down design, data encapsulation, information hiding,
and procedural and data abstraction
● Design, implement and use complete classes, including constructors, destructors, and
operator overloading
● Implement dynamic data structures for stacks, queues and lists
● Be able to quickly design, implement, test and debug a large scale project independently
(1000+ lines of code).
● Functional abstraction
1. Specification
2. Recursion
3. The recursion/iteration duality
4. Recursive/iterative invariants
5. Functional generalization
● Data abstraction
1. Formal notions of type and type hierarchies
2. Simple and aggregate types
3. Abstract Data Types: ADTs
4. Abstraction functions and representation invariants
5. Polymorphism
● Dynamic resource management
1. Creation and destruction
2. Rules of safety
3. Container types
4. Container iteration



Introductory Data Structures (EECS 280) Umich

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