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Introductory Mechanics (PHYS 2420) Problem Set 10

Sandra Watson
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University of Texas at El Paso

Introductory Mechanics (PHYS 2420)

PHYS 2420 Introductory Mechanics for physics majors (CRN 28672)
Prof. Jorge Munoz
Problem Set 10
Assigned: 4/4/19 Due: 4/8/19 (during the workshop)
1. Warm up problems: (Exercises 9.1 and 9.2)
a. Which has the larger kinetic energy, a 10 g bullet fired at 500 m/s or a 75 kg student running
at 5.5 m/s? (KE of the bullet is 1250 J and KE of the student is 206 J)
b. At what speed does a 1000 kg compact car have the same kinetic energy as a 20,000 kg
truck going 25 km/h? (112 km/h)
2. The figure below is the kinetic energy graph for a 2.0 kg object moving
along the x-axis. Determine the work done on the object during each of
the four intervals AB, BC, CD, and DE. (Exercise 9.8) (-4 J, 0 J, 2 J, 2 J)



Introductory Mechanics (PHYS 2420) Problem Set 10

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