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ISM3004- Scavenger Hunt Week 08

Sandra Watson
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ISM3004- Scavenger Hunt Week 8

  • UniversityUniversity of Florida
  • CourseCompu In Bus Environ (ISM 3004)

Scavenger Hunt – Week 08 – Social Media
Unit 1: Social Media Concepts
08.01-Social Media Introduction
 Be able to explain the profound impact of mobile and social media technology on society
o Average 21-year-old has spent about 10,000 hours on a mobile phone
o Roughly 30% of US Facebook users are aged 45+
 Mobile Addiction
o Do more Americans access the Internet using a mobile device or a traditional computer?
 Mobile Device
o 90% of the time that Americans spend on their smartphones is spent using apps, but the vast majority of
that time is spent (85%) is spent on just 5 non-native apps installed from an app store.
 Implications
o Social Media User Base
o Mobile
08.02 and 08.03-Social Media and Self-Branding, parts 1-2
 Passive approach to self-branding
o Be able to explain to somebody how they would use this approach to self-branding.
 Survey what is out there
 Google yourself
 Dig into your social media pasts
 Look at your profile picture
 Look at photos you are tagged in
 The Passive Approach: Be Smart
 Clean house
 Don’t post anything illegal
 Avoid posting photos that may give potential employers a negative impression
 Avoid being excessively opinionated
 Be honest
o What questions should you ask yourself about your social media presence?
 How’d I describe myself?
 What would a potential employer think about looking at all of these things?
 Would my social media presence hurt my career opportunities?
 Would it negatively impact the job I want to approach?
 Active approach to self-branding
o How is the active approach different from the passive approach?
 Using social media to boost your career opportunities (YOU do things that ensure that youre
social media presence will help your career)
o What are the 3 questions you should consider when creating your active self-branding campaign?
 Who is your audience?
 Answer your audience’s Why? question (Why should we hire you? Interview you? Trust you?)
 What do you want them to see?



ISM3004- Scavenger Hunt

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