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Judith Butler Gender Trouble Summary

Sandra Watson
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Judith Butler / Gender Trouble – summary
In “Gender Trouble” Judith Butler undermines the distinction between sex as a natural given category
and gender as an acquired cultural- social category. Butler argues that sex also is a socially
constructed category which stems out of social and cultural practices and in the context of a
discourse that has a history and its own social and political dynamics.
In “Gender Trouble” Judith Butler develops her famous performative theory of gender (and the
analysis of drag queens in this respect) which tries to account the manner in which a subject identity
is formed while establishing Butler’s claim that gender identity is not a manifestation of intrinsic
essence but rather the product of actions and behaviors, that is, performance. In other words, Judith
Butler argues that everyday actions, speech utterances, gestures and representations, dress codes
and behaviors as well as certain prohibitions and taboos all work to produce what is perceived as an
essential masculine of feminine identity.



Judith Butler Gender Trouble Summary


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