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Kyra resume cover letter San Diego State University

James Moore
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Jessica Sammut
4953 Paramount Dr.
San Diego, CA 92123
Dear Ms. Sammut,
I am currently a senior at San Diego State University majoring in economics, applying for the
sales management associate position at PepsiCo. My major which concentrates on financial
topics along with marketing and business communication emphases, has helped my
understanding of the financial world from every day transactions to a broad overview of
In addition to my education, I have had a few stints as an accounting intern at Filoli, a non-profit
organization in Woodside, CA. My activities included processing daily cash receipts, reviewing
employee expense reports, and producing monthly revenue reports. Along with that I worked
with a small company and learned many aspects of how companies are divided into departments
and what tasks intertwine which departments. I acquired this knowledge through finance
department meeting and through full staff meetings.
I also interned at the San Francisco Opera production department. It was there that I improved
my business communication skills through participation in staff meetings and presentations. And
since it is a small close nit organization the value they placed on the importance of teamwork left
a strong impression on me. I was able to take a leadership position there as vice president of the
social media board.
I feel my education and job experience has prepared me well for an internship at PepsiCo. I am
anxious for the opportunity to contribute to The PepsiCo’s success and how that will benefit my
personal and professional growth. I appreciate your review of my enclosed resume and look
forward to the chance to interview for the position.

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