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Leadership (6053) Analysis Of A Pertinent Healthcare Issue- Grade- A

John Marsh
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Walden University

Leadership (6053)

Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare Issue
Despite advances in healthcare today, there are still tens of thousands of deaths that occur
in the United States annually relating to healthcare-associated infections, costing the healthcare
systems billions of dollars each year (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
[ODPHP], n.d.). Catheter-acquired urinary tract infections (CAUTI) are among the most
common type of these infections in acute care hospitals and can lead to organ dysfunction and
death (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], n.d.). CAUTI has been deemed
mostly preventable (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality [AHRQ], n.d.), yet this type of
infection still contributes to an estimated 13,000 deaths annually (Ferguson, 2018). These
infections result from the biofilm, which is a collection of microorganisms, that forms on the
urinary catheter surface (Davis, 2019). This process begins shortly after the catheter is inserted
and the risk of CAUTI increases the longer the catheter remains in place (Davis, 2019). How
these infections occur, and how the risk of CAUTI can be diminished is well documented, with
guidelines and information available on these matters (CDC, n.d.). This paper will explore the
prevalence of CAUTI at a rural community hospital.
National Healthcare Issue/Stressor
Bayfront Health Seven Rivers (Bayfront) is a 128-bed rural community hospital located
in Crystal River, FL (Bayfront Health Seven Rivers, n.d.). This hospital has been affected by
HAIs in that it has suffered punitive monetary losses, a decrease in reimbursement for services,
in 2018 and 2019 from Medicare (Rau, 2019). The number of CAUTI cases at Bayfront is
especially troubling; and are rated above the national benchmark (Centers for Medicare &
Medicaid Services [CMS], n.d.). The additional cost to the hospital per CAUTI patient can be
about $6,835, resulting from lengthier hospital stays and drugs needed to treat the infection



Leadership (6053) Analysis Of A Pertinent Healthcare Issue- Grade- A

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