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Lifespan Iii Pediatrics Appl (PT 8720) Simulations RSV

John Marsh
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Georgia State University

Lifespan Iii: Pediatrics Appl (PT 8720)

Concept map for simulations RSV

Nursing Care Plan/ concept map for simulation/ Some Nanda Diagnosis for consideration
Risk for disuse syndrome Impaired bed mobility Impaired physical mobility Impaired wheelchair mobility Impaired transfer      ability  Impaired
walking  Disturbed energy field  Fatigue Wandering  Activity intolerance
Domain 6 Self-Perception
 Hopelessness  Risk for compromised human dignity  Risk for loneliness  Disturbed personal identity  Risk for disturbed personal identity 
Readiness for enhanced self-control  Chronic low self-esteem  Risk for chronic low self-esteem  Risk for situational low self-esteem  Situational
low self-esteem  Disturbed body image  Stress overload  Risk for disorganized infant behavior
Domain 2 Nutrition
 Insufficient breast milk  Ineffective infant feeding pattern  Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements  Imbalanced nutrition: more than
body requirements
Domain 4 Activity/ Rest
Decreased cardiac output  Risk for ineffective gastrointestinal perfusion  Risk for ineffective renal perfusion  Impaired spontaneous ventilation 
Ineffective peripheral tissue perfusion  Risk for decreased cardiac tissue perfusion  Risk for ineffective cerebral tissue perfusion Risk for
ineffective peripheral tissue perfusion



Lifespan Iii Pediatrics Appl (PT 8720) Simulations RSV

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