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Love Hypothesis Adam Pov PDF

John Marsh
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The Love Hypothesis Adams Pov

The Love Hypothesis Chapter 16

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The Love Hypothesis Adam’s Pov Pdf

There is a brief moment, just a handful of seconds after Olive’s mouth first presses against his own, in which Adam considers coming clean to her. It’s a shit idea. One of his worst to date, even after truly outdoing himself in the last month. He was the one to propose this farce to Olive, as though anything good could ever come of pretending to be in a relationship with the only woman he’s looked at twice in the past decade. And he was the one to offer that she room with him, even though there are about thirty people in Boston who could put him up for the night.
He should have reached out to grad school friends. Jack’s in Pasadena now, but George still lives here. So do Annika and Riley. Tom, of course, though he’d probably ask why Adam’s not staying with Olive and make a few more jabs about how “whipped” he is. He’d have to make excuses, come up with a few lies, which… annoying. Tom can be annoying. People are annoying. But at least Adam wouldn’t be right here, Olive’s hand soft on his face, her lips moving clumsily against his own, hesitant, delicate, a little fumbling in a way that tells him she hasn’t done this in a while, and…. Adam’s cock is hard as a rock. He’s thirty-four years old. He’s fully clothed, barely touching a woman who’s fully clothed herself, and yet this kiss is without a doubt the most profoundly erotic experience of his life.


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