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LR - Centripetal Force - Lab Reports

James Moore
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Centripetal Forces means “center-seeking”, it is provided by gravitational and electrical
interactions, correspondingly, for each of these cases. For example, the Earth revolves around the
Sun. Another example is the electrons move around the nucleus. Therefore, the centripetal force
is what is keeping these objects in orbit.

The object has a constant speed when it moves around, but velocity is changing in terms
of direction because it is moving in circular motion, so the velocity of the direction is
perpendicular to the circular motion. This change is velocity results from centripetal acceleration
because of the centripetal force.

Our objective in this lab is to describe why the centripetal force is necessary for the
circular motion. Also, our objective is to explain how the frequency of rotation of the object,
mass, and radius affects the magnitude of the centripetal force to form a constant circular motion.



LR - Centripetal Force - Lab Reports

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