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(LS-BIOC 370) Ph-PKa-And Henderson-Hassalbach

Sandra Watson
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Ph, pKa, and Henderson-Hassalbach

Karen Bame

  • UniversityUniversity of Missouri-Kansas City
  • CoursePharmacy Biochemistry (LS-BIOC 370)

 Acids and Bases
o Acid: donates proton
 Dissolved in water, [H+] increases, pH decreases
o Base: accepts proton
 Dissolved in water, [H+] decreases, pH increases
o Acid strength is defined by how easily it donates a proton
 Strong acid/base will completely ionize in water
 Most biological molecules are weak
o Dissociation of a weak acid – doesn’t completely ionize
 HA <-> H+ + A-
 Can look at strength by determining dissociation constant
 Acid dissociation constant, Ka = [H+][A-]/[HA]
o Higher Ka means stronger acid
 Because exponents are cumbersome, we convert this info in pKa



(LS-BIOC 370) Ph-PKa-And Henderson-Hassalbach

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